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Your Baggage (it's not what you think)

Sometimes people don't know quite how to pack their supplies for out of town art workshops. I get lots of questions and thought it would be a good blog topic. Please add your tried and true experiences in the comments section!

When preparing to head to an art retreat or workshop, you have a few options available: pack everything but the kitchen sink in your checked suitcase (change of clothing optional) OR shop at your destination or ship to the destination in advance (check with your host prior and clear up any receiving preferences in advance.)

As a venue/organizer/attendee I've seen the gamut of the traveling art supplies, let me help you pack like a pro:

Take your supply list and work from it. Don't put more thought into it than what the list states. The teaching artist has developed the supply list with the class in mind. You don't need to anticipate any unforeseen needs.

Check a bag. No, really. Bite the bullet and check a bag. TSA doesn't take kindly to ar…

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