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What's Not Okay - PG rated

In the three years since I started Way Art Yonder Studio, I've come across a few situations that raise my eyebrows and make me question the sanity of myself and others. Fortunately, those instances are few and far in between, but the residual icky-ness is something that lingers.

What I'm about to share with you is for the purposes of education not shaming. I am a bit pure minded, albeit saltier these days, and I still believe that most people are good and don't really mean to do harm. For all those who think they've not done any harm ever, I'll beg you to read through this, just in case you've been Pollyanna'ing it through life.

I'll start with the worst offenses first ...

It's NEVER okay to take what you've learned in a class and repackage it, promote it, teach it and pass it off as your own work. Even if you do the repackaging, promoting and teaching part and then give credit to the artist whose class you took - it's simpy W-R-O-N-G. …

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