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Group Energy

I recently started a yoga practice that includes an element of meditation. I started out with private instruction and have worked up the confidence to attend group classes. Yay, me!

Being in a group class has been rewarding and enlightening; observing what works and what doesn't work, and how those same lessons apply to art workshops, no matter if you're hosting, attending or teaching. It's made me think more about and reaffirm what fosters good workshop energy, and also think about the other kind of group energy that's less desirable. Obviously, my quiet mind isn't quite quiet yet. That's why it's called a practice!

I may be pure minded but I believe that most people want to be inspired, happy and feel good. It might be interesting to consider some common contributions to group energy and how you are contributing passively and/or actively to any group situation and the energy created.

Have you attended classes or retreats where other attendees talked ove…

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