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This Blog's For You!

My last blog post wasn't very uplifting or positive. It was a post based on past experiences hosting artist's workshops. It detailed some of the objectionable behavior by a very small handful of people, whose actions make life difficult for others. These issues were shared in the hopes of creating awareness of things that might seem innocent on the surface but have a damaging ripple effect. Fortunately, 98% of artists who teach or attend classes make hosting a pleasure and immensely rewarding. This blog post is for YOU.

What is Okay?

Finding the best and most exciting artists to come and teach at Way Art Yonder Studio has been the highlight of my career as a venue and host, and the added bonus is that I get to share these classes with you. It is inspiring and extremely rewarding in watching the magic that happens between the teaching artist and you, the student, when something imparted in class resonates and you merrily go down that rabbit hole of creation. 

The camaraderie betwe…

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